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Nov 29, 2023

FOMO is a common term for “Fear of Missing Out”. But have you ever experienced ROMO – Relief of Missing Out? Want to take a nap? Want to go offline? What if whatever you are doing (or not doing) is perfect? Join the Kanes and discover the relief of simply Being Here.

Nov 22, 2023

Ever notice when someone gives you a compliment that you have an automatic rebuttal that says, “OK, butI still need to lose weight” or “Yes, BUT…” Put your listening ears on and join the Kanes in this lively conversation about how absolutely great you already are - no ifs, ands or BUTS!

Nov 15, 2023

Simply open your eyes and look again - welcome to a new world. Join Ariel and Shya in this refreshing episode of Being Here and discover your world newly in every Augenblick (German for the moment or the blink of an eye.)

Nov 8, 2023

When we were children everything was interesting. In our teens, we knew everything and many of us fine-tuned being bored. Do you ever fall into that jaded teenage persona? Tune in to Being Here and refresh your curiosity and revitalize your life.

Nov 1, 2023

Ever feel stressed because you don’t know what will happen next? No worries! Join the Kanes and discover that relaxation and well-being are natural byproducts of Being Here.