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Feb 29, 2012

Do you ever find that your moments of success are quickly followed by a “dry” period where you can’t seem to get it right? Do you ever think that being your “best” self with consistency is too much pressure and you are afraid that people around you may want you to be great all of the time, not just...

Feb 22, 2012

Do you ever feel like your life is one big soap opera in which you are the star? It's time to step into the Drama-Free Zone. It's easy and Ariel and Shya will show you how on Being Here.

Feb 15, 2012

If you keep trying to get to where you think you should be, you end up "chasing your own tail" and there's no satisfaction in that. Are you done getting the run-around? Tune in to Being Here and get back on track. Callers welcome at Tel# 1-866-472-5795!

Feb 8, 2012

When you have your attention on yourself and how you are doing, rather than on the world around you, it is like shining a big fat spotlight in your own eyes. Get ready to redirect your attention and illuminate your world so that everyone in it becomes a star... including you!

Feb 1, 2012

When you’re upset, you can’t remember a time when you were happy -- happiness becomes an illusive concept. Tune in and discover how to be happy, right here and right now.