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Jul 28, 2010

Given the toxic nature of the world we live in don't you think it's time to detoxify your body? Join Ariel & Shya as they welcome back special guest Dr. Larry Emdur, D.O.,Ph.D, Board certified Internist and Pulmonologist to share insights on a transformational approach to detoxing. Dr. Larry will talk about what's...

Jul 21, 2010

We have all been drafted into the gender war. It is time for a peace rally. Through the Kanes’ approach you can rally yourself to have a peaceful way of relating to all individuals rather than unwittingly carry out a fight not of your own making.

Jul 14, 2010

Of course our memories are true…but are they really? Tune in and see what science has now discovered about the nature of our memories and how it effects who you are today.

Jul 7, 2010

Ever find that your “creative” side tends to be at odds with your need to go to work and make money? Being artistic doesn’t have to be a fight – and you don’t have to starve! Tune in and discover how to have it all.