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Jul 31, 2019

Most of us harbor the false idea that when we get somewhere else, when we “arrive,” then life will begin. Tune in to Being Here with Ariel and Shya Kane and realize that your life truly begins, right here, right now in each moment. Callers welcome at Tel# 1-888-346-9141!

Jul 24, 2019

"Deep summer is when laziness finds respectability." Sam Keen Tune in to this refreshing episode of award-winning podcast Being Here and experience the ease of “Ahh, Summertime Bliss” all year long. Callers welcome at Tel# 1-888-346-9141!

Jul 17, 2019

Each of us experiences loss in great and small ways each day. In this poignant episode of Being Here join Ariel and Shya as they express how to include loss and have it feed you rather than defeat you.

Jul 10, 2019

Intuition and Creativity Wisdom Tune in to this fun and light hearted episode of Being Here with Ariel & Shya Kane and tap into the wisdom your intuition and creativity have to offer.

Jul 3, 2019

Your cultural download determines how you experience living – until seen through awareness. Join Ariel and Shya in Being Here and unwire the mechanical nature of your life so that you are truly independent. Callers welcome at Tel# 1-888-346-9141!