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Sep 29, 2010

“If you tell the truth then you don’t have to have a good memory.” ~ Judge Judy Honesty is an essential component for those who want to live an effortless life. If you want to have life support you, join Ariel and Shya and experience their refreshing take on being simply honest.

Sep 22, 2010

Tired of working on yourself? Maybe it is time to live your life! Join the Kanes for this lively, enlightening episode and discover how to lighten up and have a life. Tune in for your own personal License to Live.

Sep 15, 2010

Tired of the blame game? Want to be the author of your life rather than a victim? This timely episode will show you how to reclaim your freedom.

Sep 8, 2010

Have you been too serious about your life? Maybe you should discover flirting. Think flirting is only for singles looking for romance or for those who are on the dating scene? Think again. Practice the "art" of flirting” and you will communicate in a fun and authentic way. If you want to feel good and have others...

Sep 1, 2010

Most people lose sight of what is happening in their lives in each moment when they are driven to accomplish what they think will produce happiness and success. Or they get discouraged and find themselves living in despair. Tune in to this enlivening episode to regain your natural sense of well-being and balance.