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Jul 21, 2021

It’s a real thing! When you are Being Here your face (and life) gets brighter. Tune in to this en-lightening episode - it’s better than a face lift!

Jul 14, 2021

I'm hiding, I'm hiding and no one knows where; For all they can see is my toes and my hair ~ Dorothy Keely Aldis

Jul 7, 2021

“Life is a great big canvas – throw on it all the paint you can.” ~ Danny Kaye

Join Ariel and Shya in Being Here and allow yourself to be wildly, ecstatically, unqualifiedly YOU.

Jun 30, 2021

When you look you see. When you are Being Here you experience. Listen in and access the beauty all around you and within.

Jun 23, 2021

"You can get stuck in the back eddies of your upsets or flow with the river of your life." Ariel & Shya Kane