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Dec 30, 2009

Those things that you think will bring you happiness someday, will be repeats of what you have right now unless you discover how to have this moment be the best moment of your life.

Dec 23, 2009

Join Ariel and Shya in this exciting episode and discover the knack of being a “Yes” to your life.

Dec 16, 2009

If you forget your story long enough it loses its power over your life. Don’t worry – you will still be interesting without the drama. What if you can have that sense of well being that is so illusive, and if it can be easy and effortless? Tune in and find out how.

Dec 9, 2009

Join Ariel & Shya and discover how to revitalize your life with passion. Where even those activities you once considered mundane become passionate, fun and meaningful experiences.

Dec 2, 2009

What happens when something unexpected rocks your world? Join Ariel and Shya as they discuss how to not lose yourself in your fears when times get turbulent.