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Jul 29, 2009

Multitasking doesn't REALLY work, but how else can you get it all done? Join the Kanes and discover how Being Here is the key.

Jul 22, 2009

Do you ever get caught up in worrying about what others think of you? Do you ever suppress your enthusiasm for fear of looking stupid? Join Ariel and Shya as they welcome guest Amy Gideon, co-owner of TAG Online and discover how to be expressive in your own life without embarrassment or fear.

Jul 15, 2009

Are you giving too much to other people? Or does it just feel that way? Ariel and Shya will show you how you can be a thoroughly giving person without feeling shortchanged or drained.

Jul 8, 2009

Increasingly, individuals are seeing the power and importance intuitive hunches play in their ability to be creative, successful and satisfied in their lives. Tune in as Ariel and Shya Kane discuss how to discover and hone your intuitive skill-set into a fine instrument, enhancing your day-to-day experience of living....

Jul 1, 2009

We all know someone whose challenging or “impossible” to deal with. There are new possibilities for handling these impossible types. After this discussion with Ariel and Shya, you just might find that person who used to be "pain in the neck" now doesn't bother you at all.