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Jun 30, 2010

Tell the truth: You know you are smart. One of the biggest challenges in your ability to Be Here is your intelligence. Tune in and discover how to be enlightened, you smartie!

Jun 23, 2010

Do you have hunches that you ignore or don’t realize to be true until after the fact? Wouldn’t you like to be able to trust your intuition so that it consistently supports you in your everyday life? Tune in to this fun and lively episode of Being Here and harness your intuition so that it becomes a reliable,...

Jun 16, 2010

What is the key to living richly? It is very, very simple: Being Here. Join Ariel & Shya and discover how to have the life of bounty and satisfaction you deserve.

Jun 9, 2010

Past regrets and worries about the future can dissolve instantly when you arrive in this moment. Tune in and strengthen the skill set of living in the moment regardless of the circumstance, let the magic begin!

Jun 2, 2010

The Kanes share the simple yet truly profound curriculum of the Slack Jaw School of Enlightenment. Listen in and discover how applying the slack jaw, nonjudgmental approach of "Huh, I see that" instantaneously dissolves unwanted behaviors in all aspects of your life. Please note no prerequisites or preregistration required.