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Dec 25, 2019

In celebration of the Kanes’ latest book Being Here…Too, join Ariel and Shya and contributing authors and guests who share the secrets to dating, relating and finding the One. Tune in and don’t miss Being Here…Too! Callers welcome at Tel# 1-888-346-9141!

Dec 18, 2019

Are you tired of playing catch up? While you are thinking, your life moves on and you are always behind. Join the Kanes in Being Here and get caught up. Callers welcome at Tel 1-888-346-9141!

Dec 11, 2019

'Trying to be different than you are keeps you the way you were.' Ariel and Shya Kane Tired of being your own 'fixer upper' project? Why not discover a new possibility? Join Ariel and Shya in Being Here and experience Instantaneous Transformation. Callers welcome at phone number 1-888-346-9141

Dec 4, 2019

Do you ever find yourself unsure or hesitant about how to dive into a new project or even to cross the finish line on an existing one? Join the Kanes as they share the simple yet profound idea: Start Where You Are. It may just transform your ability to be productive, effective and satisfied. Callers welcome at Tel#...