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Feb 27, 2019

“Listening pulls you into the current moment of your life, which is always new and endlessly fascinating.” Ariel & Shya Kane Join Ariel and Shya in Being Here and discover how listening opens a whole new realm of productivity and satisfaction.

Feb 20, 2019

“The moment we stopped working on ourselves to get 'better', our lives instantaneously transformed. This has profoundly impacted everything.” Ariel & Shya Kane Tune in to this illuminating episode of Being Here with Ariel and Shya and discover your own perfection. Callers welcome at Tel# 1-888-346-9141!

Feb 6, 2019

“When you meet your life with a Yes even when the circumstances of your day show up radically different from what you would prefer, you can be present and feel well in yourself.” Practical Enlightenment Tune in to Being Here with Ariel and Shya Kane and learn how to be the author of your life rather than its victim.