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Jun 26, 2024

When you use your senses – touch, taste, smell, sight, hearing – your world comes alive. Join the Kanes in Being Here, and enjoy the SENSEuality of this moment.

Jun 19, 2024

Really? Of course you are! Everyone is. Tune in to Being Here with the Kanes and own who you are, foibles and all.

Jun 12, 2024

Niksen is a Dutch term for “doing nothing”. In our work hard, play hard world, can you tolerate Niksen? Take a breather with Being Here and allow yourself to relax. Do you ever admire someone’s genius or artistry? Join the Kanes in Being Here and tap into your own hidden...

Jun 5, 2024

When you are preoccupied you aren’t truly listening. Listen to this engaging episode of Being Here and watch your worries and complaints fall away.